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June 1-3, 2017

Brevard Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Association (BCASCA)

2174 Harris Ave NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905

Hill and Gully (PG) 1hr: 51 minutes

This urban Cinderella story, set during the 2008 election campaign of Barack Obama, explodes when ten-year-old, Sara Sapphire chokes a classmate and gets suspended.  Her school psychiatrist discovers that her anger issues stem from her agoraphobic grandmother and her depressed mother, Carin Shiquitqa, who works at a Jamaican restaurant, in Brooklyn, called Hill and Gully. This multi-generational family of women and girls is set free from their angry cocoon, when, through their psychiatrist, they learn to love, forgive and celebrate the beauty of their own lives.

Written & directed by: Patrice Johnson  

Country of Origin: USA


Provision (PG) 1 hr: 32 minutes

What happens when a man loses everything? Will he ever again stand?  Provision is a faith-based inspirational story chronicling the life of one such man of faith. As he navigates each challenge a powerful story unfolds about one man's testimony and the restorative power of God!

Written & Directed by: Shorni Hardy

Country of Origin: USA

The Gift Everlasting (PG) 1 hour 32 minutes

Set in Kingston, Jamaica, The Gift Everlasting explores the dynamics of the Mongrove family during the 20th anniversary of the husband and wife, James and Joan Mongrove. The extravagant celebrations planned to celebrate the milestone is a farce because the couple has drifted apart and the once cohesive family is now in turmoil.  As the plot unfolds it exposes the effects of neglect and misplaced priorities on the family as both parents seek consolation and comfort from all the wrong places. Hours before the big event, things take a dramatically wrong turn, threatening the success of the evening’s event and the future of the entire family.

Written & Directed by Judith Falloon-Reid

Country of Origin: Jamaica

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