June 6 - June 8, 2019

Brevard Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Association (BCASCA)

2174 Harris Ave NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905

God Calling (120 minutes)

Origin: Nigeria  Category: Feature

God Calling is a film about faith and obedience. It follows Sade's journey of spiritual awakening in the aftermath of a devastating personal tragedy.

Neglected (12 minutes)

Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short (Student)

A young woman tries to repair her relationship with her estranged father in time for her graduation but time doesn't always heal old wounds.

Off Guard (7 minutes)

Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short 

Crooks stalk an innocent family only to encounter a strange turn of events.

Mango Wars (14 minutes)

Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short 

Mr. Brown goes to great lengths to defend his mango tree from all and sundry almost forgetting whats truly important in life.

The Perfect Pass (16 minutes)

Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short (Student)

A College football standout needs to pass his exams in order to make the team and bring glory to the school. Unfortunately he is reluctant to study until he meets and falls for a new girl who helps him. When he finds out she is being paid it changes everything.

Panorama, Jamming to the Top (73 minutes)

Origin: USA  Category: Documentary 

A feature length documentary about a passionate community of pan players fighting to keep steel pan alive in Brooklyn, NY. The documentary follows a vibrant community of people in Brooklyn, NY who love steel pan and are fighting to keep it alive in Brooklyn. Through their preparation for an annual steel band competition, known as Panorama, we see how their love and passion helps them to overcome several challenges and obstacles facing the pan community in Brooklyn.

Lovely Fault (6 minutes)

Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short 

A couples relationship struggles when they have challenges starting a family.

Nights of Arrangement (29 minutes)

Origin: Trinidad  Category: Documentary

Youth and vigor meet Age and experience in the process of a Trinidad Steel band's preparation for the 2018 Trinidad Steel band Carnival Panorama Competition.

Re-encounter (60 minutes)

Origin: Dominican Republic  Category: Feature

Re-encounter tells the story of Raymundo, a man who tragically lost his parents and now refuses to believe in God. His life reflects the anger and bitterness that he carries inside and his decisions put him in harms ways when he accepts a job with the Kingpin of the city to gain his house back, which he lost on a rooster fight. Then at the very low point of his life, God gives him a second chance.

I Will not Forget You (12 minutes)

Origin: USA  Category: Short

Still struggling with loss, a caring father and his daughter are inspired by the Christmas spirit to connect with their Puerto Rican roots by reaching out to victims of the hurricane. 

From Steelpan the National Instrument to Steelpan the Industry (19 minutes)

Origin: Trinidad  Category: Short

CVQ Steelpan Manufacturing Pilot Program currently on-going in nine (9) Secondary Schools - eight (8) in Trinidad and one (1) in Tobago. This film records the history of Steelpan Manufacturing as an examinable subject in the Secondary School System, which exists in Trinidad and Tobago and nowhere else in the world.

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