May 31-June 2, 2018

Brevard Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Association (BCASCA)

2174 Harris Ave NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905

Short Films

The Shadow in the Dark

Sophia, a doctor is faced with a decision, she must either save the life of the man who destroyed her life or let him die,

Writer & Director: Dario Shields

Country of Origin: Jamaica


Follow Detective-Sergeant Mia Richardson as she tackles the brutal rape of a young woman. As a member of CISOCA she is bound by an oath to protect the vulnerable but her investigation is derailed by a man who is neither friend nor foe; a rogue officer of the JDF known only as Roman. Mia's investigation uncovers a sinister human trafficking ring but also betrays a secret from her past. Now she must put an end to a personal evil and dive head first into a confrontation that she cannot hope to win on her own.
Directed by David Johnson, Aliceia Dawkins

Country of Origin: Jamaica



Three brothers reflect on their years growing up with their mother in relation to their current relationship now which is virtually non-existent due to dementia

Save the Mosquitoes

A well meaning organization tries to raise awareness of the lowly mosquito's plight with predictably disastrous results.

Writer & Director: Greg St. Pierre

Country of Origin: USA (Melbourne FL)

Abeeku & the Maroons

Set in 18th century Jamaica, an escaped slave tries to free his pregnant sister from McNab's cane plantation. They are forced to separate when they are attacked by guardsmen. Abeeku must find the freedom fighters called the Maroons to help him find and rescue his sister once again.

Writer & Director: Kevin Jackson

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Little Red Dress

Samantha Rose is a little flustered about her new date. She doesn't know what to wear, how to style her hair, she's even worried about the food she cooked. On the surface she seems normal but there is something a little off about her, especially when she puts on that Little Red Dress. A dark short that dangles on the eye of's the story of a young woman living in Kingston City with multiple personality disorder...these personalities protect her...especially when she commits her crimes.

Writer & Director: Nadya Raymond

Country of Origin: Jamaica


Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an 
unexpected act of kindness.

Writer & Director: Joshua Paul

Country of Origin: Jamaica

One Patty

An impatient man enters a patty shop. All he wants is one patty. Instead he learns a valuable life lesson... the hard way.

Director: Eugene Williams

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Bizarre Encounters

Sometimes the negatives become positive in this series of bizarre encounters.

Writer & Director: Paulette King-Moran

Country of Origin: USA




A Reluctant witness to a horrific crime is forced to tell her story repeatedly until she finally reveals the one most important detail she omitted before.

Writer & Director: Judith Falloon-Reid

Country of Origin: Jamaica/USA



Pescadito is an educational marine science documentary that utilizes parody, puppets, and puns to tell a compelling story about common tropical fish and their behavior.  Two of the main characters, Erin and Kara, are Florida Tech students who attended Dr. Jonathan Shenker’s and Dr. Ralph Turingan’s marine ecology field courses in Cuba and Puerto Rico during the summer of 2017.  The third main character, Puppedito, is a lovable little fish puppet with a big personality who helps illustrate the story.  The film begins with a music video parody of the hit reggaeton single, Despacito, and concludes with a talk-back style documentary.

Produced by Kara Watts & Erin Walters

Country of Origin: USA

No Poetry

An unfaithful bride seeks redemption and forgiveness from her husband but first has to hear some condemning truths. God's relationship with the church is likened to a husband and his bride. Imagine if this relationship were personified. What would the conversation be like?

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