May 31-June 2, 2018

Brevard Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Association (BCASCA)

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Documentary Films

It Ain't Easy Being Green  38 minutes

For decades, mysterious and prehistoric looking green iguanas in the U.S. Virgin Islands were a rare sight. Now their population is exploding out of control and it's up to a bunch of islanders with radically different ideas to figure out what to do next! Tourists, scientists, and government administrators also dive into the madness, joining on-going efforts to figure out how the islands' two and four-legged residents can co-exist.

Directed by Crystal Fortwangler

Country of Origin: USA/U.S. Virgin Islands

La Boquilla - My Paradise

The moving testimonies of the inhabitants of the beautiful Virgin's Cienaga (Cienaga de la Virgen) located in the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia, also known as "La Boquilla". An under privileged community that survives with a strong tradition of fishing and artisan craft. The "Boquilleros", are under a constant threat of losing their fascinating eco system due to the fast paced growth of the modern city. Ironically, their only hope of survival is by the affluence of tourists that visit their territory to enjoy tours through their mangroves, and their gastronomy. Aside from that, the "Boquilleros" rely on the assistance of the various ecological foundations that are fighting to preserve the community's eco system through the education of the up rising generations. Even though the "Boquilleros" praise their community as being a piece of heaven or paradise, as this is all they know, the reality as seen in the eyes of outsiders is that the territory is crumbling due to poverty, trash and lack of economical resources from a government that makes empty promises.

Directed by: Danny Holguin

Country of Origin: Columbia

Home Sweet Home

On January 12th 2010, an eathquake devastated the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and its outskirts. Subsequently, some Haïtiens living abroad decided to return to live in their home country to engage in its reconstruction process.  What are the stakes of these returns? At the intersection of search of identity and an ideology of development, this documentary questions, through various life stories, return experiences and perceptions of haitian returnees as well as their position in the development of their country.

Directed by: Vallotton Aurélien

Country of Origin: Haiti

Germans in Jamaica: War, Spies and Camps

As countless other stories begin, this one, too, begins with Hitler's rise to power on January 30, 1933. Very few nations, if any at all, were not affected by the consequences of Hitler's insane actions. Hitler himself had correctly prophesized that those who were against him would never be happy, even if they fled to the "end" of the world. Though this story does not take us to the end of the world, it brings us close. Of all the hundred thousands of Germans who either fled Germany or those who were working or living abroad after 1933, a few thousand found refuge in various internment camps on the island of Jamaica. 

This documentary describes how Jamaica became a safe haven for those Germans, either living in the Island, or those rounded up by the British in West Africa, or captured on the high seas, while tracing the lives of 4 families who survived the transfer from Africa and detailing their daily lives during internment in Jamaica from 1939 - 1946. 

Directed by: Kevin Kennedy

Country of Origin: Jamaica

District 28

Richard David is a local activist of Indo-Guyanese origin seeking the city council seat in District 28, Queens, New York City. Coming from a country divided along racial lines, David aims to bridge the two racial sides of the Van Wyck Expressway. His story is supported by other leaders, positively representing the Indo-Caribbean community in Queens, New York City.

Directed by: Taylor Jenkins and Daniel Bright

Country of Origin: USA/Guyana

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