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Friday, June 26, 2020


Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica
A Jamaican on Ice (14 mins)
Origin: USA/Jamaica

A thought-provoking 16-minute film about Judith's experience while traveling in Antarctica but more importantly, about the changing experiences of the wildlife and ice caps being affected by climate change and the effects this will have on us all. After all, we have but one Earth.

The Mango Tree
A Jamaican on Ice (8 mins)
Origin: St. Lucia

This mango tree serves many more purposes than bearing fruit!

Atrapado (Trapped) (12 mins)
Origin: Cuba - English subtitles

Roldán is a pizza delivery young man who lives in a house in poor conditions and her wife is about to give birth. But one of his deliveries will turn his life around. A Daniel Chile Film.

Big Man Dan (4 mins)
Origin: Trinidad

Sheila calls on her brave husband Dan for help when she spots a cockroach in their bathroom. But when the roach flies, Dan loses all sense and imagines that the roach is a kung-fu master who he must fight with all his might to protect his defenseless wife. After observing Dan’s approach to tackling the roach problem, Sheila decides to handle the pest herself. In the end, Dan still takes all the credit.


2020 Films

Hi, the Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival has gone virtual this year! This means you can still enjoy a variety of short Caribbean films from the comfort and safety of your home. This is new to us all so here’s how it works:

  1. Visit www.xerb.tv/caribefilmfestival or just go to xerb.com and search for Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival

  2. Purchase an All Access Pass for only $5.99. You will receive an email with a link to redeeming your pass for a ticket. Your ticket gives you unlimited access to four hours of great films starting at 12 noon on Friday June 26th.

  3. On Friday, June 26th simply visit the festival page on Xerb, anytime between 12 noon and 10pm to start watching the films on demand. You wont miss any films as it's all on demand and all available within those 10 hours!

Our films are grouped into four sets of films to make it easier for everyone involved. Shorts Programs 1, 2, 3 and a single local horror film that stands on its own especially for the lovers of horror films.

They Take Us (10 mins)
Origin: Jamaica

After her father leaves her at a rehab centre to work overseas, 19-year-old Kerry has discovered the secret of the caretakers and why patients mysteriously disappear.

Hush-A-Bye (30 mins)
Origin: USA/Trinidad
Best Short Film & People's Choice Award 
2019 Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival

Rose and Dean are thrilled to be expanding their family. However, Rose notices all is not quite right at a time when she should be her happiest. After giving birth to Millie, the subtle signs and symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD) progress, bringing about feelings of guilt and confusion. Rose is baffled as the signs go unnoticed by those closest to her. The symptoms spiral out of Rose’s control. Is it too late for Rose? Her baby? Her family? 

Dancehall Asian Ambassadors (50 minutes)
Origin: Jamaica  Category: Documentary
Best Documentary , 2019 Palm Bay Caribe Film Festival

This documentary takes a look at the lives of four Japanese women who fell in love with Dancehall music and decided to move to Jamaica to build lives and careers. They also dismiss talks about cultural appropriation and profess their love for the island, the music, the people and the culture.

The Model (5 minutes)
Local Film   

It's girls night out, and these women are up for a party. Little do they know one's husband has a big surprise in store! “The Model” was filmed as an entry in the Tie Up Loose Ends Contest for Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2018 (MIFF), held in Melbourne, Florida. The contest required the producers to create an ending for an unfinished script (also chosen through the competition) by award winning screenwriter, Eric Emerick. The completed film was required to portray the opening scenes, as written, along with the newly created ending AND credits in a run time of no more than 5 minutes. Films are judged on overall cinematic technique and the uniqueness of their endings.

Off Guard (7 mins)
Origin: Jamaica

Crooks stalk an innocent family only to encounter a strange turn of events.

Home Birth in Trinidad and Tobago (8 minutes)
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago

A powerful film about the choosing to give birth at home instead of a hospital.

To Learn Piano with Closed Eyes (10 minutes)
Local Film   

Clair Schumann, an autistic young girl, decides to join her school band as a pianist with the help of her talented father, but her plan falls apart when he is caught cheating on his wife. Now Clair must either fight for her father to stay in her life or learn to independently achieve her goal.

Escape to Bird Island (8 minutes)
Origin: Jamaica

A short documentary that takes you to Bird Island in the Bogue islands, within the Montego Bay Marine Park

A Twist of Life (10 mins)
Origin: Trinidad

Avyanna Wolfe is a talented, differently abled person, who suffers from low self- esteem and because of that she tolerates Mercy's abuse. However, she does not let her unhappy experiences eclipse her love for drawing with her feet. Through, Andrew Knight's encouraging Avyanna finds the strength to stand up for herself.

Mango Wars (7 mins)
Origin: Jamaica

Mr. Brown goes to great lengths to defend his mango tree from all and sundry almost forgetting whats truly important in life.

The Other Man (18 mins)
Origin: USA

As  one  of  the  top  legal  defense  attorneys  in  the  state  of  Georgia, Desiree   Matthews appears to have everything perfectly under control. She is successful, poised and reliant. But under the surface her personal life and her professional career are anything but.
At work, her biggest challenge is dealing with her womanizing boss, Larry. Desiree  always thought her parents would be together forever. 
Desiree is devastated to learn that her father,  Roger is gay and wondered if the new man is the reason he divorced  her  mother.  Upset  and  confused,  Desiree  retreats  and consumes herself with work.  
Over  time,  she understands  that she must face her own judgmental ways and  love her father no matter
whom he chooses to love.

Believe then See (16 minutes)
Local Film   WARNING: THIS IS A HORROR FILM. Not suitable for children or anyone who does not like Horror movies.

A reluctant son, Adrian, and his mother, Maria, move into a new house in hopes to start fresh, but are introduced to what seems to be a little too welcoming. An old ghost of a previous resident, Sylvia, is after Adrian to redeem herself as a mother since she failed the first time around with her child, 

Wake Up (10 minutes)
Origin: Trinidad   

Wake Up involves the audience into a dream of a young boy, who soon realizes his time for change is now. It begins with him.

A Grimm Deal (12 minutes)
Origin: Jamaica 

A young man on the verge of suicide makes a deal with the Grimm Reaper to save his life.



Glorious Uncertainty (11 minutes)
Origin: Barbados

Barbados International Film Festival (BIFF) 2020 Collaboration Grant film: Glorious Uncertainty, the Untold Story Of The Barbados Cricket League by Bajan filmmaker Dan Jamal (Danny) Weekes and US filmmaker Susanne Rostock.



Seaside Stables: A Gallop to the Ocean (8 minutes)
Origin: Barbados

A short film which explores the cultural relationship between race horses and the beautiful tranquil Caribbean ocean along the shore lines of Pebbles Beach, Barbados.

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