Back in Times (5 minutes)
Tobago (T & T)  Category: Mini

Back in Times constructs an ingenious narrative via the spoken word art-form, highlighting the glaring disparities between our past and the present, positioned within the context of a Caribbean milieu.

Dancehall Asian Ambassadors (50 minutes)
Origin: Jamaica  Category: Documentary

This documentary takes a look at the lives of four Japanese women who fell in love with Dancehall music and decided to move to Jamaica to build lives and careers. They also dismiss talks about cultural appropriation and profess their love for the island, the music, the people and the culture.

Hush-A-Bye (30 mins)
Origin: USA/Trinidad

ROSE and DEAN are thrilled to be expanding their family. However, Rose notices all is not quite right at a time when she should be her happiest. After giving birth to MIILLIE, the subtle signs and symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD) progress, bringing about feelings of guilt and confusion. Rose is baffled as the signs go unnoticed by those closest to her. The symptoms spiral out of Rose’s control. Is it too late for Rose? Her baby? Her family? 

The Model (5 minutes)
Local Film   Category: Short

It's girls night out, and these women are up for a party. Little do they know one's husband has a big surprise in store! “The Model” was filmed as an entry in the Tie Up Loose Ends Contest for Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival 2018 (MIFF), held in Melbourne, Florida. The contest required the producers to create an ending for an unfinished script (also chosen through the competition) by award winning screenwriter, Eric Emerick. The completed film was required to portray the opening scenes, as written, along with the newly created ending AND credits in a run time of no more than 5 minutes. Films are judged on overall cinematic technique and the uniqueness of their endings.

Too Late (30 minutes)
Origin: Jamaica  Category: Short

What do you do when the one you love, loves someone else? This is the story of Elijah and his best friend Marissa.

2019 Films

June 6 - June 8, 2019

Brevard Caribbean American Sports & Cultural Association (BCASCA)

2174 Harris Ave NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905

Baron Maximilian von Ketelhodt (45 minutes)
Jamaica  Category: Documentary

One of, if not the bloodiest event in Jamaican history, the Morant Bay rebellion, is the dominant hue in the tapestry of Jamaica’s struggle towards independence. This story is intricately interwoven with the Morant Bay rebellion, yet the focus is on its anti-hero, the German born aristocrat Baron Maximilian von Ketelhodt, who for the most part Jamaican history has bypassed. Nevertheless, even in the face of adversity and hardship, he succeeds in forging a life in Jamaica that brings him to high and influential political office, which, as it turns out, is cause for his death on that fateful day in Morant Bay on October 11, 1865. 

Her Favorite Flower (4 minutes)
Origin: USA  Category: Mini

Two lonely people connect in Miami despite a linguistic barrier between them.

My 3 Boys (84 minutes)
Origin: USA/Jamaica  Category: Feature

Maybeline a divorced woman, struggling to find herself, discovers her only sister SHARON (mother of 3 young boys), is terminally ill. MAYBELINE's life is turn upside down, as she takes on a role she never anticipated, fighting to save herself and the 3 young boys

I'm Jacinth - Love After (11 minutes)
USA/Jamaica  Category: Short

Love After promises to help others overcome their pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, and insecurities. Jacinth’s open and honest account of everything she’s been through in her life will truly inspire and uplift you. There is Love After our addictions, shortcomings, emptiness, abuse, betrayals, abandonment, and brokenness. 

The ID Project (59 minutes)
UK/Dominica  Category: Documentary

Travel to the beautiful island of Dominica as one British man documents his journey of discovery, of identity and learns about the birthplace of his late father.

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